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Türkiye PSP ANATOLIA 2023

In 2023, as Kalif Design, we participated in the PSP Anatolia Fair, one of Turkey's most significant local fairs, reaffirming our pioneering role in the garden and landscaping sector. Taking place in Sapanca, this event serves as a platform showcasing the most innovative examples of garden and landscaping products and is a crucial indicator of the pulse of the local market.

Kalif Design's Local Grandeur

PSP Anatolia is a significant event that highlights the development and diversity of the garden and landscaping sector in Turkey. Our participation in this fair presented an excellent opportunity for Kalif Design to strengthen our strong presence in the local market and reaffirm our leadership position in the industry.

Throughout the fair, we showcased our innovative design approach and sustainable production methods to visitors and industry professionals. Our high-quality products in the garden and landscaping field garnered significant interest and admiration from visitors. This participation further solidified our presence in the local market and introduced Kalif Design's design and quality ethos at the local level.

The PSP Anatolia Fair provided an opportunity for us to exhibit our innovative and sustainable approaches in the garden and landscaping sector, directly interact with local customers, and strengthen our impact in the Turkish market. This event served as a valuable platform to enhance our brand's strength in the local market and showcase our influence in the industry.

We take great pride in participating in PSP Anatolia 2023 as Kalif Design. This successful participation was a significant step in increasing our impact in the local market and leading the garden and landscaping sector in Turkey. Moving forward, we will continue to maintain our presence in local fairs in Turkey, consistently showcasing the creativity and quality of Kalif Design on every occasion.