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Step by Step Pot Soil Change, Why Use Concrete Pots?

Choosing pots, which we can define as indispensable accessories for living space decorations, is as important as the care of the flowers we grow in them. The health of flowers, which add perfect visual appeal to the space they are placed in, requires soil replacement every year. However, even if you change the soil every year, your plant may not grow as desired. Concrete pot designs, which have been a long-standing trend and continue to be popular in 2023, stand out prominently in this regard.

In this article, we will provide answers to questions such as why concrete pots should be used, how to perform pot soil replacement for plants that outgrow their pots, and what the pot soil should be like in order to ensure the health of such plants.

How to Change Pot Soil?

The most suitable time for pot soil replacement for plants that come to life again with the arrival of spring is the spring season itself. It is necessary to replace the plant with a pot that is larger in size compared to its old one. Therefore, just like soil replacement, pot replacement should also be done. Now, let's answer the question of how to perform pot soil replacement step by step.

  •  Turn the pot of the plant you watered at least two days ago upside down.
  •  Check the roots that come out and remove the unhealthy ones.
  •  Transfer one-fourth of the old soil to the new pot and add new soil to the remaining part.
  •  Place the plant in the new pot and add some more soil on top.
  •  Water the plant placed in the new pot.
  •  Place the pot in an area that does not directly contact the sun but also does not remain completely shaded.

  • Although pot soil replacement may seem like a challenging task, it becomes quite simple when applied step by step. However, even if you change the soil once a year and take good care of your flowers, your plants may not develop as desired. In this regard, the main material of the pot you use is also crucial. Concrete pot models, which provide better results compared to plastic and ceramic pots, can contribute to the growth of your plants.

    So why should you use concrete pots? Let's answer this question in more detail.

    Why Should You Use Concrete Pots?
    Concrete pot models, which add unique visual appeal to the space they are placed in with their flawless appearances as well as the health of the plants, have double-layer insulation. Thus, your plants are less affected by heat and cold. In addition to being long-lasting and environmentally friendly, they adapt to the temperature of the environment they are in. Concrete pots, which absorb excess water from the plant without creating water accumulation or mold, are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. They provide ease of cleaning for users as they do not collect dust. Also, being produced without paint prevents color fading. Concrete pot models made of lightweight concrete and natural stone mixture are a perfect alternative for your plants to grow healthier.

    Plant-Friendly Concrete Pot Models
    Concrete pot models, which come in different colors, diameters, and volumes, allow you to make choices according to your needs. Adding aesthetic appeal to the space they are placed in, concrete pots harmonize with your plants and refresh the entire texture of your living spaces.

    The space-dividing pot model Odin provides the necessary space for your plant with its different diameter and volume options. Additionally, this model, which comes in 8 different color varieties, has double-layer insulation. Produced without the use of paint, it takes its colors from the original appearance of natural stones. Thus, it does not fade or scratch in indoor and outdoor use. Made from lightweight concrete and natural stone mixture, it is 75% lighter than cast concrete. Thanks to the iron reinforcements inside, it exhibits high durability against severe impacts.

    The aesthetically pleasing pot model Ares, with its unique design, offers different diameter options ranging from 33 to 62 cm, adding aesthetic appeal to any space it's placed in. Completely handcrafted and featuring a non-absorbent surface, this model prevents mold and color fading. It is produced with high quality and double-layer insulation, providing a long-lasting alternative suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.