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Suggestions for Those Who Want to Create a Rich Ambience with Concrete Tables

If every meal you share with your loved ones is special to you, then the tables you choose for your dining room decorations hold a significant place for you. With concrete table designs, you can create dining rooms with stylish concepts in your home. By opting for concrete table alternatives, which have been setting trends in interior design for a long time, you can make your meals even more special. Thanks to their aesthetic appearance and durability, concrete table models can adapt to any decoration.

If you want to create a rich ambiance in your decorations using lightweight concrete table models, we'll answer this question in the continuation of our article.

Opt for round concrete table designs
Round table models with fine lines, used in many decorations including dining rooms and kitchens, are among the trends of 2023. With these simple and elegant table models that allow you to make use of small spaces, you can create a rich ambiance in your home.

The round concrete table model, Hemera, with its various size options, offers you the flexibility to make choices according to your needs. It comes in 8 different color varieties and is entirely handmade from a mixture of lightweight concrete and natural stone. Produced without the use of paint, it derives its colors from natural stones.

Fire pit tables
To create a rich ambiance in your decorations, you can opt for tables with fire pits. With their spacious and eye-catching designs, you can achieve inspiring decorations. Table models equipped with a bioethanol fuel system are among the most popular decoration trends of recent times.


The table model equipped with a bioethanol fuel system has a water-resistant surface. This model, polished with varnish, does not retain stains, making it easy to clean with a damp cloth. It is made from a mixture of natural stone, which is 75% lighter than cast concrete. Thanks to the iron reinforcements it contains, it exhibits high durability against severe impacts.

The elegant curved table model, Uranus, is crafted from a natural stone mixture that is lighter than cast concrete. It exhibits high durability thanks to the iron reinforcements it contains. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, it does not fade or scratch when used outdoors. This makes it a long-lasting and economical alternative. The concrete table model, which takes on the original colors of natural stones, is produced without the use of paint. Its exterior is polished with varnish, making it stain-resistant. Thanks to its stain-resistant surface, it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

With its unique leg design, the Lerina concrete table model allows you to create distinctiveness in your designs. This model, crafted entirely by hand, comes in 2 different sizes and 8 different options. It is polished with a top-quality surface coating varnish, preventing water accumulation on the surface. Thus, the concrete table model becomes suitable for outdoor use, exhibiting durability against harsh weather conditions. It is a much sturdier and more impressive option compared to its counterparts.

As we've discussed in this article, by paying attention to certain details, you can achieve a richer ambiance in your home, garden, or office with small changes. The visual appeal and durability of the dining table you choose should be as important to you as its functional features. By making small changes in your living spaces, you can achieve effective results. You can take advantage of the tips we've mentioned to achieve these results.