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Furniture Adventure of Concrete


Kalif Design co-founder Mehmet Hacıosmanoğlu was invited to give a presentation at Istanbul Gelişim University. In his presentation titled "The Furniture Adventure of Concrete," he discussed what Kalif Beton is as a material and its capabilities.

When concrete is mentioned, almost everyone comes to mind that it is heavy, and besides being heavy, it is also bulky, gray color, and products that we can generally encounter in buildings and streets are pushed into the background with completely coatings that do not have standard aesthetic concerns.

Our story of starting out as Kalif Design actually stemmed from these reasons. Before Kalif Design started production, all of these perceptions were considered correct, at least for our country, but before we started production, we prioritized both product Design and Material Design. We first lightened the concrete and began to search for aesthetics for this lightweight concrete.

In the battle we entered to merge lightweight concrete with natural stone and highlight the textures of these natural stones, we emerged victorious, distancing ourselves from the dull grayness of concrete. In our collections created by combining natural stones from various parts of our country with our specially prepared formula, we not only achieved visual appeal but also significantly reduced the weight, addressing the issue of strength by enhancing the durability of concrete. Starting with the production of concrete planters, we expanded our journey by introducing aesthetics from gardens and corners of homes to the very center of homes and gardens. To enhance the joy of sipping our favorite drinks at home, we initiated the production of concrete tables. For the pleasant evenings, whether in winter or summer, we designed and started producing concrete coffee tables. Specifically for the most beautiful nights where we accompany the films we will watch, we designed and started producing concrete TV units. To provide warmth in our homes during winter evenings and enhance the visual appeal, we introduced concrete fireplace designs. In 2022, in our concrete planter category, we offer you 158 different models and 1264 different options, presenting all the forms that concrete planters can take, from traditional to futuristic designs.

We offer you the widest range of choices in Turkey by presenting 28 different models and 224 different options for the Concrete Table category, allowing you to enjoy the most beautiful meals with your favorite models.

For concrete coffee tables, we provide you with 93 different models and 744 different combinations, allowing you to bring together your favorite drinks and snacks in the middle or on the sides of your rooms or garden sets, harmonizing them with your preferred models.

In the furniture journey of concrete, to ensure a complete unity with complementary products, we offer you 5 different models of concrete stools in 40 variations, a Concrete Nightstand group with 5 different models and 40 options for your bedheads, and 5 different models of Concrete TV units in 40 variations for your use.

We take pride in introducing the Firepit Concrete Fireplace group, also known as Concrete Fire Pit, to Turkey for the first time. This special Concrete Fireplace group has 3 different alternatives. You can use the Bio Ethanol fuel models for indoor use, which is a natural fuel derived from algae and ensures no smoke, odor, or ash. In addition, these models provide efficient heating, making them suitable for heating purposes. For customers who want to use the concrete fire pit continuously and prefer a more economical option, we offer models that can be directly connected to natural gas or used with a gas cylinder. As a third option, for those who appreciate complete naturalness and wish to enjoy excellent conversations around a wood fire, we have designed wood-burning fire pits in this series, offering 55 different models and 440 different options for you.