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Tips for a Perfect Look; Indoor and Outdoor Fire Pit

Fire pit models undoubtedly add value and ambiance to many areas in the house. Besides the warmth they bring to the home, fire pit models, which showcase perfect visual aesthetics, are still very popular today. However, there are some things you should pay attention to when adding a fire pit to your home decorations. Let's discuss these points in detail.

Fuel Options According to Your Needs

The size of the area where you plan to use the fire pit, the size of your garden, and your living room decoration play a significant role in your choices. Depending on the number of people in your family, you may prefer larger models. For indoor decorations, tabletop fire pit models can be a suitable choice. Portable and easily movable, tabletop models are a highly practical alternative, making them ideal for creating small fires.

Size Alternatives Suitable for the Area You Will Use

Factors such as the width of the area where you will use the fire pit, the size of your garden, and your living room decoration play an effective role in your choices. You can choose larger models depending on the number of people in your family. For home decorations, you can choose desktop fire pit models. Desktop models, which are a very useful alternative thanks to their portable features, are ideal for lighting small fires.

Desktop Fire Pit Models

The Kerotis model, designed for tabletop use, operates on a bioethanol fuel system. It produces no smoke, ash, or odor. With the 5 liters of fuel you can obtain, it can burn continuously for 18 hours. After adding fuel, it can be easily ignited with a lighter or match. When the air contact-cutting device is closed, it extinguishes immediately. It has a coated surface, preventing stains, and can be easily cleaned with a damp soapy cloth.

The Camo fire pit model, equipped with a bioethanol fuel system, is available in three different size options. Completely crafted by hand, this model has a coated surface, preventing stains, and it does not allow color fading or scratching. Produced without the use of paint, it is made from a mixture of lightweight concrete and natural stone, resulting in a design that is 75% lighter compared to solid concrete.

The Anahita fireplace model, equipped with a wood-burning fuel system, is available in 2 different sizes and 8 different color options. Thanks to the embedded iron reinforcements, it demonstrates high durability against severe impacts. This fire pit model, produced from a special formula of lightweight concrete and natural stone, is coated with first-class finishing varnish, preventing color fading and scratching.

The fire pit model Aybo, equipped with a bioethanol fuel system, is crafted with 100% handwork. It demonstrates durability against high stress levels due to the embedded iron reinforcements. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this model is produced without the use of paint. It derives its 8 different color variations from the original appearance of natural stones.

In summary, tabletop fire pits are highly practical decorative elements due to their functionality. Considering your reason for choosing a fire pit, you can make more accurate choices. For instance, if you only want to benefit from its decorative feature, tabletop models might be more suitable for you. However, if you desire a model where you can enjoy both its visual appeal and sit around with friends while getting warmth, you may prefer larger fire pits.

In this guide, we touched upon indoor and outdoor fire pit models that you can choose for a flawless appearance in your living spaces. After finding the size and model that suits your needs, you can enjoy the unique visual appeal of a fire pit in your home or garden.