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Concrete Accessory Suggestions for Modern Office Designs

We encounter a variety of office designs in today's world. Since offices accommodate many people, it's important to make suitable choices for the workspace in terms of decoration. Office designs hold significant importance not only for individuals to feel comfortable but also to avoid feeling overwhelmed by colors and accessories. Concrete accessories, produced with increasingly different technologies each day, are among the most important elements that complement these decorations. According to research, working in a well-designed environment increases productivity by 20%. So, what should you pay attention to when designing such spaces?
When creating these designs, choices should be made according to factors such as the number of employees and the available space. In addition to these, if you're going to create an office design, there are some important aspects you should consider. Let's now delve into these aspects in more detail.

Suggestions for Office Designs

Choose tables that are easy to clean

It is very important for the comfort of your employees to choose models that are easy to clean and stain-resistant. To ensure this comfort, you should choose table models that can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth instead of cleaning that requires a lot of effort every day.

The Tartarus flat table model not only adds a unique aesthetic to your meeting rooms but also features a stain-resistant property. With its polished surface, which prevents scratching, this concrete table model is a long-lasting alternative. Thanks to its modern and aesthetic appearance, it can create a minimalist atmosphere in your workplace.

Incorporate pot models into your designs
If you want to achieve an office design that appears simple but has quite impressive details, you can choose concrete pot models. You can create flawless designs with small pot models to be placed on desks or magnificent pot models that can be used at the office entrance. With this unique design, your employees' motivation will also be quite high.

Use custom-designed office furniture
By opting for custom-designed office furniture instead of ordinary ones, you can achieve a decoration that stands out from the norm. Depending on the nature of your business, you can design your office with different concepts. With small touches, you can create a modern look. For example, if you have a waiting area in your business, using a concrete coffee table will create a more modern atmosphere in your office.

The Lada coffee table model, with its unique design, is entirely handmade. Additionally, it is produced without the use of paint and takes its colors from the original appearance of natural stones. With 6 different size options, it can be obtained either as individual pieces or as a complete set. Made from premium materials, the concrete coffee table model is highly durable and impressive compared to its counterparts.

Opt for durable and long-lasting furniture
Since they will be used by multiple people, it's crucial for the furniture you choose for your workplace to be durable. Opting for furniture that is resistant to impacts will ensure that it won't wear out or scratch easily, allowing you to use it for a long time. For example, you can use stools in certain areas of your office to make the most of small spaces. Choosing concrete stools will provide you with a long-lasting alternative.

The Sargen stool model, with its wooden detailed seating surface, exhibits high durability against severe impacts thanks to the iron reinforcements it contains. With 8 different color options, the stool has a water-resistant surface. It is polished with premium varnish, preventing color fading and scratching. Designed to be 75% lighter than cast concrete, the stool model is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

In this article, we've provided concrete accessory suggestions for modern office designs. If you also want to benefit from durable and aesthetic furniture while creating a modern look in your office, you can consider the points we've mentioned. As we said at the beginning of our article, the road to efficient employees passes through a well-designed office.