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How to Get Vintage Bedroom Decoration?

How to Get Vintage Bedroom Decoration?
Rounded Design Stool Model

VVintage, which is a combination of the past with the present, is one of the decoration trends that has remained popular for years. While it used to be preferred mainly in areas like the living room or kitchen, nowadays, it is also used in bedroom and even bathroom decorations. A vintage bedroom is created using designs that modernize old furniture with today's technology. Vintage bedroom decoration is accompanied by old items as well. A sense of coherence is achieved in decoration by using accessories that carry the characteristic features of a certain period. If you want to bring the charm of past eras into your home, this decoration idea can be quite suitable for you. However, simply using a vintage bedroom set may not be enough to create this decoration in the bedroom. There are some key points you need to pay attention to for vintage bedroom decoration. In the continuation of this article, we will touch upon these points.



Vintage Bedroom Decoration

The color of the furniture you choose to create a vintage bedroom decoration is crucial. To achieve this decoration, it is recommended to opt for pastel tones rather than vibrant and bright colors. Colors such as white, earth tones, and green are perfect for vintage bedroom decoration. You can also choose furniture with wooden details to complement the vintage style. The combination of wood and pastel tones creates a natural look, offering flawless visual appeal to your vintage bedroom decor.

Examine; Rounded Design Stool Model

The Sweet Stool, featuring a rounded design, comes in 8 different pastel colors. This stool model, produced with a special formula, is made of a lightweight concrete and natural stone mixture. Produced without the use of paint, it takes its color alternatives from the original appearance of natural stones, preventing color fading and scratching even with prolonged use. Its outer surface, coated with varnish, is water-resistant and can be easily cleaned with a wet or soapy cloth. Manufactured using first-class materials, this stool model is quite luxurious compared to its counterparts. Thanks to the iron reinforcements inside, it exhibits high durability against severe impacts.

When it comes to vintage bedroom decoration, dark and gloomy colors are not in question. In this decoration where light and pastel colors are preferred, decorative objects play a crucial role. Colorful cushions or pillows placed on the bed, or lamps and sculptures showcased on the bedside table can be elements that complete your decoration.

Rounded Design Stool Model
Sphere and Circle Combination Nightstand Model

Examine; Sphere and Circle Combination Nightstand Model Retus

The Retus chest of drawers model, combining a sphere and a circle, is entirely handmade. Thanks to its special formula made of lightweight concrete and natural stone mixture, it is 75% lighter than cast concrete. The chest of drawers model comes in 8 different color options, taking its color alternatives from the original appearance of natural stones. It is coated with first-class varnish, preventing any color fading or scratching. Its water-resistant outer surface provides ease of cleaning for the user and can be easily cleaned with a wet or soapy cloth. With iron reinforcements inside, it exhibits high resistance against severe impacts.

In vintage style decoration, which involves adapting items from the past to modern technology, chests of drawers are frequently used. When examining bedroom decorations from past years, chests of drawers are essential pieces of furniture. However, while drawer versions were used in the past, today, more modern-looking concrete forms are preferred for a vintage appearance. In this respect, it is a perfect choice for vintage bedroom decoration.

When creating a vintage bedroom decoration, it's essential to ensure that headboards and chests of drawers have more oval forms rather than sharp lines. Furniture with more oval and rounded forms plays a crucial role in achieving this style. Vintage bedroom decoration, featuring a simpler design, is achieved by using fewer items. In this decoration, which combines nostalgic and modern elements, achieving an elegant look is important.

Bedroom decoration, when done correctly, creates areas that bring real tranquility to you. If you achieve the right decoration in rooms where the fatigue of the day is thrown off, you also achieve comfort. Creating a coherence from wall colors to the selection of decorative accessories requires every choice to be made meticulously. After finding a vintage bedroom set that suits your style, you can complete your design with decorative objects in matching colors. By considering the key points mentioned in this article, you can make the application of this decoration easier.