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17 products

Lightweight Concrete Table Models


Focusing on simplicity and minimalism, you can achieve an extraordinary interior decoration with lightweight concrete table models, avoiding exaggeration. Concrete tables, with their aesthetic designs and minimal lines, stand out for not allowing any stains on their surfaces and being easily wipeable with a damp cloth.

Drawing their flawless appearance from the original colors of lightweight concrete natural stone blends, these concrete table models, produced without the use of paint, do not scratch or fade. Being 75% lighter than cast concrete, concrete tables also provide ease of transportation to the user.

Resilient to harsh weather conditions, lightweight concrete table models can be comfortably used in both interior and exterior designs. Manufactured using premium materials and polished with a glossy finish, these tables have a water-resistant surface, preventing any staining or mold formation in outdoor use.

Completely crafted by hand and featuring unique colors, lightweight concrete tables contribute to a cohesive and simple decorative style. These concrete table options, with various functional purposes in different spaces, offer diverse design possibilities.

Concrete table models have a minimalist and modern appearance and can serve both functional and decorative purposes. Due to its strength and durability, concrete is frequently chosen for furniture making. Popular for their stylish look, concrete table models are among the most commonly used furniture types today.

Produced in various dimensions to meet your needs, lightweight concrete tables allow you to embrace a new generation architectural approach in your designs. Choosing these options, which bring a sense of modernity to your homes rather than ordinary tables, will help you highlight the longing for naturalness in modernity.